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The Pearly Comeback

Though pearls have been around for centuries, documented in paintings and stories all over the world, they seem to go in and out of fashion with each passing decade. However, as your grandmother has probably told you, pearls are classic – and she isn’t wrong

Convergence: where entertainment meets technology

Convergence has been the buzzword since the publication of Thomas Friedman’s trail-blazing book titled ‘The World is Flat.’ Technology, finance and democracy are intersecting to make the world a level-playing field between the developed and developing countries and heralding a quantum leap in the human

Movies, Culture, and Drug Addiction

Drugs have always been a part of the human experience. From early days and the birth of civilization to the hippie movement of free love and psychedelics, drugs have been intertwined with our culture, belief systems, and way of life. And with the rise of

Saving Wildlife through Travel

It might seem like a fantasy to be able to conserve nature and its inhabitants through something as superficial as travel, but it is not farfetched at all. While travel may have become synonymous with luxury, there are many volunteer programs that allow travellers to

Drowning – a development issue?

Drowning is today the third most common cause of death for Americans tragically killed on foreign soil, mostly because of unfamiliarity with the environment. State Department data reveals that last year almost 20% of American deaths abroad were caused by drowning – 12 more than