Which is More Effective in the Workplace: Positive or Negative Reinforcement

Does deterrence really work and do you always work your best when it’s required? The debate between positive and negative reinforcement in the workplace is interesting and tends to revert to personal beliefs and subjective biases, as opposed to actual science. Research has pointed out that deterrence actually does very little to prevent crime in […]

Cultivating change and learning

Though many believe intelligence is limited to those who were ‘born smart’ or with a high I.Q, there are numerous ways that cognitive abilities can be boosted, enabling the expansion of mental capabilities and ultimately, making us smarter. With enough motivation and with knowledge of the most effective practices, anyone can expand their natural capabilities […]

Avoiding the Woes of Wedding Young

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, national divorce rates soared from 1975 onwards, with 47,638 divorces being recorded in 2013 alone. This makes up 2.1 people for every 1000. Some sources attribute this to marrying young in a similar situation to the one described. Dr Belinda Hewitt from the University of Queensland told […]

The NYU Dispatch

Social enterprises & digital marketing: is it worth the investment?

The rise of social enterprises and their growing impact in the private sector in recent years is something that has surprised many, capturing the attention of economists, business strategists and the development sector in particular. It seems that starting a business with the aim of simply making a profit is no longer deemed desirable – […]