Day trading doesn’t require an education

Most of us have been at some point in our lives university students. Whether we made it through our degree or not, a majority of us left university with massive debts. Usually, when leaving university, you’re supposed to start out fresh in the market, ready to pave your wave to your career. However, most of […]

United States Teachers Demand Better Wages

Teacher strikes have made top headlines this past academic year as educators are demanding increased wages and better insurance. One of the longest teacher strikes this year was in West Virginia. The state is poverty-stricken in many areas with a large portion of the workforce relying on manufacturing, retail, and labor jobs to sustain income. […]

Which is More Effective in the Workplace: Positive or Negative Reinforcement

Does deterrence really work and do you always work your best when it’s required? The debate between positive and negative reinforcement in the workplace is interesting and tends to revert to personal beliefs and subjective biases, as opposed to actual science. Research has pointed out that deterrence actually does very little to prevent crime in […]

Are fleet management systems are the future of commercial vehicles?

The autobot of Transformers, a movie released in 2007, may still not be a reality but technology in the heavy vehicles industry is fast moving to something similar.  The traditional conservative transport and trailer industry is racing toward the fourth industrial revolution and digitization. The global automotive market is following electrification, digitization and connectivity trends […]

Disrupting the real estate industry

Innovative tech startups have been changing the faces of various industries for years now, and the real estate market has been no exception. Though buyers and sellers alike are still growing accustomed to conducting their business online, there has been a massive growth in real estate technologies, and this growth shows no signs of slowing. […]