U.S. Birth Tourism Scandal: The Latest In A Series Of Growing Unethical Tourism Practises?

Travel has become more common in recent years and technology has made it far more accessible. Rather than going with a tour agency, those who are interested to visit any country is able to build their own itinerary from scratch from the information provided on the internet. However, along with the boom in tourism industry, […]

Largest Untapped Pool of Unpaid Entrepreneurs: 43 Million Caregivers

What if these High-functioning multi-taskers opened home businesses? As increasing numbers of Americans face the schedule-crushing tasks of caring for aging family members, the workplace is an often-overlooked casualty. Juggling work and personal responsibilities often results in having to drop everything, as well as asking others to cover and spending extended time away from work. […]

Additive manufacturing: forerunner of the fourth industrial revolution?

Prior to the industrial revolution, manufacturing was simply a process of making products by hand, at-home or in a workshop. Often families would work together, passing on those specific skills to generation after generation. Until the late 18th century that is, which is when factories, production lines and machines took over this process. Today it […]

2019 is Going Digital

Businesses and technology are evolving today in ways that could not have been predicted a decade ago – that is a well-documented fact. We have seen the growth of online sales platforms overtake that of traditional, physical shops; of mobile phone apps premised upon the growth of the collaborative economy gain momentum all over the […]