Innovation leads the way in hospitality business

The hospitality business is one that is ever-changing and full of variety. It includes lodging, event planning, food service, travel and tourism, and recreation. Whether you’ve decided to focus on one of these areas or combine them, growing a successful and viable business takes time, dedication, and incorporating the best strategies to ensure the needs […]

Sleep, Health and Wellbeing: Changing Times, Promising Developments and Issues of Concern

            Human beings require certain things for survival such as food, air, and sleep. While we focus on the first two, sleeping has been pushed down on the list of priorities. However, thanks to research and development in the mattress industry, it has re-gained steam both in the market and in the minds of consumers. […]

The Changing Paradigm of Travel Business: Market News and Developments to Take Notice

            In a world where time, resource and energy efficiency are all serious concerns for millions, travelers find a hard time dealing with issues such as organization, reservation and accommodation. Luckily, the new smartphones and portable gadgets age has provided excellent opportunities or such people to save time, money and energy in the process. Today’s […]