Brands remaining relevant through virtual presence

Just as an on-location companies attract customers largely through curb appeal, online businesses attract their consumers through their website. Online businesses are dependent on aesthetic appeal and ease of access, and as such first impressions have never mattered more. An online business’ website design can make all the difference when it comes to consumer impact. In all […]

The shifting trends of real estate in America

Over the course of the last two weeks, mortgage applications in the United States fell slightly. However, the second week in July saw an increase again of 2.5%, seasonally adjusted. That figure is 4.3% lower than this time a year ago, however. Furthermore, refinance rates are high, with refinance applications for homes falling 4%. That […]

SEO is the building block of modern marketing

SEO and content marketing have changed the digital world. Referring to the technical process of increasing the quality of online traffic while simultaneously attracting more prospective consumers, SEO allows the quality of traffic directed to any given business to increase and improve. Content marketing, however, is solely focused on the content. Content marketing is the […]

The Real Estate Struggles faced by Millennial Buyers

Our parents drilled one phrase into our heads when regarding real estate, “location, location, location.” And, as avid listeners to our parents, aside from the other important advice we ignored, universally, everyone seems to keep this as a piece of inherited advice, passing it down from generation to generation. Why? Because your parents and their […]