Innovation leads the way in hospitality business

The hospitality business is one that is ever-changing and full of variety. It includes lodging, event planning, food service, travel and tourism, and recreation. Whether you’ve decided to focus on one of these areas or combine them, growing a successful and viable business takes time, dedication, and incorporating the best strategies to ensure the needs […]

Overcoming the struggles of students with children

College is hard enough on its own. If you have a child, especially if that child is an infant or toddler, it can seem practically unmanageable. You’ll be torn between your academic responsibilities and your personal responsibilities, trying to juggle class schedules with doctor’s appointments and time at home, and you’ll be forced to deal […]

Overview of US policy on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly important tool in global economics. Traders are jumping on the crypto bandwagon in an attempt to capitalize on its famous volatility, enterprising entrepreneurs are using digital contracts to underpin new businesses and new ICOs are appearing on the scene literally every week. Across the globe, governments and regulators are debating […]