Day trading doesn’t require an education

Most of us have been at some point in our lives university students. Whether we made it through our degree or not, a majority of us left university with massive debts. Usually, when leaving university, you’re supposed to start out fresh in the market, ready to pave your wave to your career. However, most of […]

United States Teachers Demand Better Wages

Teacher strikes have made top headlines this past academic year as educators are demanding increased wages and better insurance. One of the longest teacher strikes this year was in West Virginia. The state is poverty-stricken in many areas with a large portion of the workforce relying on manufacturing, retail, and labor jobs to sustain income. […]

Where technology meets humanity

: Digitization can only Improve Human Resources In simple terms, Human Resources is a faction within a business that controls the hiring of personnel (and training said personnel once the hiring process is complete), that is put in place to assist employees in their professional environment, and is intended to be the essence of a […]

Mobile Apps and the Impact on Business

Whether we like it or not, technology has incorporated itself into almost every industry. It may be agriculture, pharmaceutical, or retail – but the point is, technology is here to stay and is becoming even more of a necessity with regards to business. Now, technology has taken another step forward. From desktops to mobile-friendly websites, […]

Dentistry: The Story Behind the Smile

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth. Dentistry includes general dentistry, consisting of emergency dental providers, and specializations such as orthodontics and periodontics. Orthodontics is concerned with jaw and teeth alignment, while periodontics pertains to gums and supporting structures of […]