Building technology changing the industry tenfold

The global revolution of technological disruption has found its way into every known industry today. For some industries, the burn was slower than it was for others, but even the most traditional, stubborn sectors have gradually come to be inundated by the rise of technological advancement and digitalisation. One of those industries that has found […]

Open education is changing the way students gain knowledge and experience for their future careers

Education is the most important tool in fighting ignorance in society. It’s important to discover advancement in humanity. Education comes in many forms. It may be a general education acquired during primary and secondary school. Education can advance into a professional higher education degree or certificate – it is important even for entrepreneurs keen on […]

For a Safer, More Comfortable and Enjoyable Modern Living: Construction Business and Beyond

            Land is only as valuable and worthy in the eyes of its owners as its organization, technical availabilities and appeal, which leads the construction sector to always push for new frontiers and continue its profitable operations. The sector itself is currently undergoing an internal transformation with respect to technologies, methods and project types, meaning […]