Open education is changing the way students gain knowledge and experience for their future careers

Education is the most important tool in fighting ignorance in society. It’s important to discover advancement in humanity. Education comes in many forms. It may be a general education acquired during primary and secondary school. Education can advance into a professional higher education degree or certificate – it is important even for entrepreneurs keen on creating their own start up capable of helping one invent their own ideas and help with any invention patent. Whether it’s law school or defending and writing a PhD dissertation and thesis, education should have no limit for any person. Unfortunately, because many higher education institutions have strict limits whether it is financial or grade wise, on who is accepted into their school. Some circumstances may actually limit a student into achieving their educational goals beyond a basic public or private education growing up. Fortunately for these students and learners, online open education has started a revolution in finding a way to still learn without the limitations of accredited universities and conservatories.

Education should be a right. From the beginning of recorded history, education and learning has been regarded as highly beneficial and something only for the upper class citizens. Education is a way to create economic and educational divides between class members. The more a person knows about a subject area or technology, the higher up they may rank into a company. The individuals with Masters degrees go on to become managers and leaders in the senior ranks of companies while those with their doctoral degrees become the greatest professors at universities across the globe. The problem with this system is that now more and more people are becoming highly education with the use of student loans putting young people in their mid-twenties in massive amounts of debt before they even have the chance to get into the real world in a working career. For this reason, many people are picking online classrooms that foster open education as a way of teaching others. Although a degree and educational advancement is highly important to advance oneself, it isn’t the only way to succeed. Often times, it is the experience that will help one land their dream job. Experience will always outweigh education when it comes to getting a job. That’s why open education can help job-seekers get the required skills necessary for a job while also providing a place for them to obtain the education necessary to gain the experience they need in their field to obtain the job they want.

Enrolling in a higher education institution can be costly for students. Most education costs a great deal and as previously mentioned, can land students in some serious debt. There are many benefits to enrolling in online open education courses, but one of the main ones is the cost advantages. Online learning is truly what someone makes it. Open education doesn’t even have to be in a formal classroom, it can simply be one teaching them self by watching online videos from Youtube. Education is at the discretion of the student. Utilizing online tools and other various methods may provide many benefits to the students learning.

When deciding on open education, the less traditional route of learning, one must first decide on time and budget. If an individual has the finances to invest in their education and materials, then it may prove to have many benefits in the long run, but it isn’t necessary. Online courses that cost money, but that foster an open educational environment with unlimited room for learning, may be a better fit for a student that wouldn’t thrive in the traditional higher education institutional classroom. Online education also has a few perks for being much more flexible for those who seemed to be consistently strapped for time. A very common complaint for those who do not have time to further pursue their education is often that they have already started a family and work a full time job. Theses things can get in the way when deciding to attend a traditional college or university, but when attending an online classroom, the student has more advantages. Some working parents do not believe that it would be financially capable to quit their job and go back to school because the pay cut would be so severe, but online education makes this easier. Students can pick classrooms that are offered at times that work for them. They have the control to set up their own classroom in their own home. For those who prefer to teach themselves, they can pick courses and materials that foster that type of learning environment. For those who appreciate an instructor facilitating classroom discussions, they can find an online open education classroom where there is a face-to-face video chat where questions can be answered one-on-one. The student basically has control to learn at their own pace without being strapped for time and struggling to meet deadlines. Open education doesn’t even have to be in an online classroom. It can be learning at one’s own pace with their own materials and deciding when and how much they learn. With the internet available, information seems to be almost limitless. There should be no limits on education for anyone.

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  1. I’ve just been thinking about this as well. Many online courses are now being put behind a paywall but the price is just a fraction of what you would pay in student loans. And education is crucial for me as I’m an Inventhelp inventor. I came up with my invention while taking an online course in engineering.

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