The global rise of solo travel

The concept of travel has been appealing for as long as travel has been possible (so, forever). Around the world, there is magic and adventure to be found, and the lure of that magic and adventure has always called to people who feel the pull to travel, to explore, to see the world and all […]

Law and the power of apology

How many lawsuits do you think would actually end up in court if the guilty party had at some point shown even the slightest bit of remorse for their actions? How many divorce or child custody cases would the American court system have had to deal with had one party simply acted in a conciliatory […]

The Changing Paradigm of Travel Business: Market News and Developments to Take Notice

            In a world where time, resource and energy efficiency are all serious concerns for millions, travelers find a hard time dealing with issues such as organization, reservation and accommodation. Luckily, the new smartphones and portable gadgets age has provided excellent opportunities or such people to save time, money and energy in the process. Today’s […]