The Future of Travel

Why do our legs get cramped after sitting still for a prolonged period of time? Genetics provides the answer. We are genetically programmed to move almost constantly. Humans have been on the move since the dawn of civilization. Our anatomy i.e. skeletons and muscle structures have evolved to facilitate food gathering and escape from marauding […]

Social media trends in 2018

If you run any kind of social media engagement with your audience, or participate in the whirlwind that is social media, it is essential to understand what landscape is out there, which platforms are popular and why they are so popular. The ironic thing about social media is that it’s almost just what you would […]

Solved: The difficulty of recovering data on Macbooks

Mac OSX comes with great characteristics and advanced features along with some of the best utility applications which are integrated in many creative and exceptional designs. Plus, it comes with a simple interface and its unique design enables even the ordinary users to edit or even design videos, images, and other such multimedia files on […]

Bali’s rise to the top of the tourism industry

When discussing holiday destinations, Bali nearly always comes up in conversation as a must. It makes sense – in comparison with other tropical holiday destinations, Bali is a relatively cost effective vacation option. The sheer number of tourists that flock to the island each year, all year around, speaks for itself. In 2016 alone, nearly […]

Technology in training for improved performance

In order for a business’s operations to run smoothly, it needs talented staff. The issue of nature vs nurture does come into play here. Aside from natural, inherent talent, how can a business ensure that their employees or team members are well-trained enough to handle their duties and function within the organization? At times, despite […]

Brands remaining relevant through virtual presence

Just as an on-location companies attract customers largely through curb appeal, online businesses attract their consumers through their website. Online businesses are dependent on aesthetic appeal and ease of access, and as such first impressions have never mattered more. An online business’ website design can make all the difference when it comes to consumer impact. In all […]

The evolving science of nutrition

It seems as though the scientists are in constant battles with the advertising and marketing industry. This is especially true for food and nutrition scientists versus the food advertisers and marketers. Food science is an incredibly complex concept to understand unless someone has scholarly information and education to resource their knowledge. For most of the […]