Cryptocurrency is changing global economic models

Technology is an industry that is continually updating. With new ways of tracking transaction history in authenticated blockchain networks, businesses are able to look at differing currencies that fit within the network. Businesses should be aware of new technology like cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrency trading has become increasingly popular in global economies, it becomes a universal […]

Virtual Boy: A forgotten foray into VR

Before the famous Occulus Rift and PlayStation VR came a variety of ambitious predecessors. They each saw fit to claim a new market, but tumbled in various ways that modern hardware developers and entrepreneurs can learn from. One such product was a perfect example of this. Twenty years ago, Japanese entertainment giant Nintendo launched a […]

The Science Behind Gambling Addiction

A curious enthusiast for history will find one thing common about all cultures: we’ve always been gamblers. As early as 2300 BC, Ancient Chinese citizens used tiles engraved with symbols in games of chance. The timeworn document known as the ‘Book of Songs’ makes reference to these games, which bear a striking resemblance to the […]

The Multilingual Future is Now

The nature of language is that it is always in flux. Educators must keep pace with linguistic research, and the constantly changing vernacular, to provide the best learning experience for their students. This means that the first step in teaching languages is often understanding how young people communicate with each other, and thereby tailoring the […]

Paying off student debts through day trading

Most of us have been at some point in our lives university students. Whether we made it through our degree or not, a majority of us left university with massive debts. Usually, when leaving university, you’re supposed to start out fresh in the market, ready to pave your wave to your career. However, most of […]

What runs the world? Tech – Artificial Intelligence – will improve Software QA, not take over

The current era is one that is almost entirely dependent on technology. Technology keeps planes flying smoothly and cars driving toward a destination using a GPS navigation system. Technology allows us to absorb education at rate that was unheard of twenty years ago. Technology keeps us connected to one another through our electronic devices and […]