Are apps dead?

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone a mere decade ago and apps soon became all-pervasive, with TV shows and web sites to transnational corporations conducting their operations through the medium of apps. But what exactly are apps? The term ‘Apps’ first gained currency among Apple and Android users, thanks to Apple App Store and Android Playstore. […]

When Will Robot-Assisted Surgery Become the New Normal?

Robot-assisted surgery sounds futuristic, but chances are, someone in your circle of friends already knows someone who has undergone surgery with robot assistance. The term “robot-assisted” here is currently broad, referring both to surgeries autonomously taken on by smart robots, and surgeries conducted by human surgeons with the help of complicated external machines. Either way, […]

Are fleet management systems are the future of commercial vehicles?

The autobot of Transformers, a movie released in 2007, may still not be a reality but technology in the heavy vehicles industry is fast moving to something similar.  The traditional conservative transport and trailer industry is racing toward the fourth industrial revolution and digitization. The global automotive market is following electrification, digitization and connectivity trends […]

Alternative education: which approach works best?

As parents’ frustration toward traditional school systems around the world grew in recent decades, so too did the number of alternative schools and approaches to learning available them. Public schools’ seemingly low educational standards and lack of accountability for educational outcomes, safety issues on campus, general lack of quality resources and questions regarding the effectiveness […]

How IoT is revamping home security

Home security is an important element of our lives and a priority for many families. Today there are several ways to keep your home safe and secure, numerous people have traditional security alarm systems installed in their residences, security shutters are also becoming a common form of security and many people are beginning to install […]

Can marine technology save our oceans?

Our oceans take up almost 70 percent of the earth’s surface, making marine ecosystems perhaps the most important biomes in the world. Yet human activity continues to impact the world’s oceans in profound and damaging ways, from man-made carbon emissions that impact ecosystem services, to climate change-induced destruction of fragile coral reefs, to exploitation by […]

Dentistry Innovation to Take a Leap Forward in 2018

Healthcare is always at the center of technological innovation, but it appears that dentistry is a major focal point in today’s market. From technology that fixes existing problems to devices that can print dental products and applications, the industry is buzzing with excitement. Challenges Facing Dentistry It’s been estimated that roughly 9 to 15 percent […]