Sleep, Health and Wellbeing: Changing Times, Promising Developments and Issues of Concern

            Human beings require certain things for survival such as food, air, and sleep. While we focus on the first two, sleeping has been pushed down on the list of priorities. However, thanks to research and development in the mattress industry, it has re-gained steam both in the market and in the minds of consumers. […]

Millennials are changing the global travel industry with their unique internet-generated travel needs

Seeing the world on the palm of your hand. That is what goes on with Millennials when they peer at their smartphones engaging the Internet. The wonder of the unexplored, the fascination of color and culture are mesmerizing these young people, propelling them to serious consideration of travel. In the words of British historian, Miriam […]

The global rise of solo travel

The concept of travel has been appealing for as long as travel has been possible (so, forever). Around the world, there is magic and adventure to be found, and the lure of that magic and adventure has always called to people who feel the pull to travel, to explore, to see the world and all […]

Law and the power of apology

How many lawsuits do you think would actually end up in court if the guilty party had at some point shown even the slightest bit of remorse for their actions? How many divorce or child custody cases would the American court system have had to deal with had one party simply acted in a conciliatory […]