Every Bit of Your Coin’s Worth

If you have paid even a small ounce of attention to any media news you will have noticed the hype surrounding cryptocurrency investment over the last few years, with particular prominence the years of 2017 and 2018. Skyrocketing to a peak of a little bit

Selling without selling

Brands ditch traditional advertising strategies to seek millennial customers online Change is always hard because people are reluctant to move out of their comfort zones. But in the greater scheme of things, change is inevitable. Former US President Barack Obama said, “When times change, so

Is E-Commerce the Holy Grail of Retail?

The world has made a swift transition from conventional commerce to E-commerce in the recent past, and the impact has been all-encompassing and enduring. Customers are embracing the e-commerce route with gusto, compelling the big businesses to jump onto the bandwagon and small businesses to

Is Energy Cost Impacting Health Care?

Every year Americans pay anywhere between $300 billion to $880 billion on health care costs associated with coal production. As James Conca of Forbes put it, we pay $200 billion for coal production each year and then another $300billion to $800 billion on healthcare costs;

The Pearly Comeback

Though pearls have been around for centuries, documented in paintings and stories all over the world, they seem to go in and out of fashion with each passing decade. However, as your grandmother has probably told you, pearls are classic – and she isn’t wrong

Are drones a step in the wrong direction?

Sixteen years ago this month, an unmanned drone was used for the very first time to launch a targeted killing. The intended target was Osama bin Laden, and the people responsible for launching the attack were the CIA. It marked the first of many drone

Breaking the Habit

The perils of smoking have been public knowledge for many years now. The health risks posed by the habit have been well publicized. According to the WHO, each year more than 7 million people lose their lives as a direct consequence of smoking. Still, it

Is STEM education beneficial in the elementary classroom?

For the past twenty years STEM has been the center of focus for many governments, institutions and corporations in the field of education. Billions of dollars have been invested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. By now, most of us are all familiar with