A kaleidoscopic revolution – 3D printing will entirely change how we live

In this age of technological advancement, it is undeniable that every industry, every facet of life, has been altered by the digital movement. As technology moves in, traditional concepts move out to make way for their modernised counterparts. While technological advancement has revolutionised many industries, one of the most exciting developments that has barrelled into […]

The effects of online writing resources on the student body

Essay writing is necessary to properly and successfully complete an academic career. When it comes to the professional writing, sometimes it takes help from experts. Searching for academic advice can be highly beneficial to students and professors. By learning from trained professionals and seeking consulting advice, even frequent writers can learn more about what makes […]

The Evolution of Housework

A clean house is one of the basics of civilized living. It is also one of the most ironical of human situations. British author, Marcus Buckingham, said, “We dream of having a clean house – but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? We don’t have to dream about doing the work, because doing the […]

Making Modern Education Accessible and Efficient

Technology and texting have ruined college students’ writing capabilities, and the ability to aspire to quality writing In the task of putting thoughts into words, like many other things in life, practice makes perfect. Yale professor William Zinsser, said, “You learn to write by writing.” However,in this age of technology, where communication is expected to be […]

The Benefits of Social Media

There’s been a lot written about the ills of social media. Whether it’s the negative effect Facebook and Instagram can have on our self-esteem, or issues of content creators with huge platforms of YouTube subscribers acting irresponsibly, the internet isn’t always the healthiest place to be. That’s not to say that the internet is inherently […]

Technological assistance for mental health

The ever growing and demanding stress of modern day life has placed human beings in an unfavorable position regarding their mental health: it is almost as if everyone is complaining about something that bothers them so much that they cannot focus on anything. Many remedies have been proposed and tried, including using prescription medication, socializing […]

The Importance of Mental Health in Cyberspace

Online therapy has been increasing as the Internet technology develops. Faster streaming capabilities now offer live video chats with therapists halfway across the world. Particularly, with the surging uptake of mobile electronic devices inclusive of tablets, mobile phones and laptops, more esoteric disciplines are being offered. Therapy, whilst traditionally a matter of person-to-person contact, now […]