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Calling all visual-learners! (How to access streaming video resources).

Through our library subscriptions, you have access to a variety of video streaming options, from complex surgery techniques to counseling and rehabilitation therapy videos. These video streaming options are great for supplementing learning that occurs in simulations, clinical rotations, and the classroom.

Through this link, access 15 different streaming tools that focus on specific health science topics!

New DVDs: “The Nurse Theorists Portraits Of Excellence”

“The Nurse Theorists Portraits Of Excellence” on DVD includes sketches of the lives and work of a group of most prominent members of the nursing profession. Each volume is divided into three broad sections: a biographical sketch, an interview conducted by Dr. Jacqueline Fawcett and a concise summary of each theory of nursing.

Request in the Avery Fisher Center, 2nd floor, by call number: DVD 36884, volumes 1 – 16.

1) Virginia Henderson
2) Dorothy Johnson
3) Imogene King
4) Madeleine Leininger
5) Myra Levine
6) Betty Neuman
7) Margaret Newman
8) Dorothea Orem
9) Rosemarie Parse
10) Ida Orlando Pelletier
11) Hildegard Peplau
12) Martha Rogers
13) Callista Roy
14) Reva Rubin
15) Jean Watson
16) Florence Nightingale