Spring 2019: evidence synthesis projects

Both students and faculty in the health sciences are increasingly conducting some type of evidence synthesis project

  • Undergraduate through doctoral nursing students have “PICO” projects,
  • PhD candidates are writing “integrative reviews,”
  • DPT student teams are conducting “systematic reviews,”
  • OTD students are conducting evidence synthesis literature reviews for their portfolios. 
  • Faculty are embarking on scoping reviews, integrative reviews, and systematic reviews 

Has your professor has assigned one of the following?
-integrative review
-a PICO project (or PICOT, PICOC, etc?)
-Scoping review
-Systematic literature review
-Systematic Review of randomized controlled trials?

There are more review types apropos of research questions. The review methodology selected usually depends upon the results of an initial “scoping search” of the literature, to determine the state of the science, the breadth and depth of a topic area, or perhaps a gap in the literature.

To get started with a review, begin with a birds’-eye view of the Steps, Tools, and Examples listed in this library Research Guide. 

Recommended reading from Evidence Based Nursing, 1-page “What is a Systematic Review”