NYU Groups & Projects

The ABILITY Project is an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to the intersection between disability and technology. We work to foster collaboration between engineers, designers, educators, speech and occupational therapists, and individuals with disabilities. We work in the development space of adaptive and assistive technologies, as well as teaching and learning of technical skills and engagement.

Disability Student Union
The Disability Student Union is a group for people with disabilities, allies, and people interested in learning about disabilities. Our aim is to provide a forum and a safe space to explore ideas and share experiences. Our mission is to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities, promote disability awareness on campus, and aims to increase inclusion within greater society.

Working Group on Disability, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Participants include: Kitty Bridges, Laurence Coderre, Tracey Gardner, Faye Ginsburg, Gregory Guy, Joseph Juliano, Kristie Koenig, Karen Krahulik, Karen Gulino, Charlton McIlwain, Anita Perr, Cara Ryan, Sunaura Taylor

The Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
The Henry and Lucy Moses Center provides comprehensive services and programs for undergraduate and graduate students with hearing and visual impairments, mobility impairments, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, chronic illnesses, and psychological impairments. The Moses Center functions to determine qualified disability status and to assist students in obtaining appropriate accommodations and services. Services provided are designed to encourage independence and self-advocacy, backed by a comprehensive system of supports.


The Future of Disability Studies
Columbia University Center for the Study of Social Difference

Fordham Disability Scholarship Cluster

CUNY’s School of Professional Studies:

Minor in Disability Studies, Interdisciplinary Program
College of Staten Island, The City University of New York

Disability Studies Program (Undergraduate Minor)
Hofstra University

Disabilities Studies Concentration
BS in Health Science
SUNY Stony Brook University


Reelabilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival
ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival is the largest festival in the country dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities. Initiated in NY in 2007, the festival presents award winning films by and about people with disabilities in multiple locations throughout each hosting city. Post-screening discussions and other engaging programs bring together the community to explore, discuss, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.

Society for Disabilities Studies
The Society for Disability Studies (SDS) is a scholarly organization that is dedicated to the cause of promoting the disability studies as an academic discipline. According to SDS’s Mission Statement, “through research, artistic production, teaching and activism, the Society for Disability Studies seeks to augment understanding of disability in all cultures and historical periods, to promote greater awareness of the experiences of disabled people, and to advocate for social change.”