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Indigenous Futures

Indigenous Futures: Decolonizing NYC—Documenting the Lenape Trail

by Jack Tchen and Noa Fuller Spring 2018 (Teaching-with-Technology Grant Awardee) Decolonizing the Classroom: New Tech & Critical Pedagogy Indigenous Futures is a class that addresses the ideas of regional and global colonization—and the myriad possibilities of decolonization—in the content and materials, but with special focus given to our pedagogical approach. We sought to have …

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Media and the humanitarian impulse

Media & the Humanitarian Impulse: #ThisClassWillSaveTheWorld

by Lisa Daily Spring 2018 (Teaching-with-Technology Grant Awardee) The idea for the class emerged from my own burgeoning research in the field of humanitarianism and digital media, especially with a critical interest in this idea that virtual reality is the “ultimate empathy machine”—technologies that finally enable spectators to realize their true empathetic potential to care for suffering …

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