Imagining the Library

Imagining the Library

Greg Erickson
Spring 2017

Having received positive feedback about students’ use of Web Publishing in his previous courses, Prof. Gregory Erickson once again implemented the platform in his newly designed course, Imagining the Library, taught in the Spring of 2017.

The course invited students to “imagine a library,” by asking a series of questions: “What is worth preserving? Who has access to certain information? How do we organize this information?” The main goal of the course is to aid students in developing and writing a final research paper.

In addition to functioning as a hub for all course-related materials, the website provided students with a communal arena for sharing weekly responses, project ideas, and research questions with one another. The majority of students who responded to our end-of-semester survey indicated having used the website to, amongst other things, viewing work posted by their peers.

Making use of the platform’s multimedia capabilities, students published posts detailing their own imagined libraries, outlining their research questions and methodologies, and responding to a variety of prompts.