Learn to Code


Code Sandboxes


  • W3Schools CSS tutorial: this CSS tutorial has examples and an online editor you can use to edit and test each example yourself.
  • css-tricks.com: a blog about CSS, contains some neat tricks and tips, and some snippets of code for multiple situations.
  • csszengarden.com: a demo site of what can be accomplished with CSS-based design. You can download the example HTML and CSS files and play around with them. Licensed under Creative Commons attribution noncommercial share alike.
  • Adobe Color CC: an interactive color wheel to find just the right color for your design.
  • Shay Howe’s CSS Tutorial: tutorial for beginners including an introduction to HTML. 
  • The 30 CSS selectors you must memorize: a handy cheat sheet for most used CSS selectors.



  • A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Languages: a brief overview by IT Hare of different programming languages and links to several third-party resources.
  • Code Academy: learn to code, with tutorials for HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more. There are also courses, such as “Make a Website” and “Make an Interactive Website,” that have units for you to follow along. FREE
  • Code.org: online classes, fun exercises (code BB-8 from Star Wars!), and resources.
  • Color Theory: an overview of using colors in web design.
  • General Assembly: located in New York, you can take classes at General Assembly from a range of topics. Prices vary, some are free.
  • HTML Dog: a beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS; no prior coding experience necessary. FREE. 
  • Khan Academy: introduction to HTML and CSS with practice quizzes. 
  • LinkedIn Learning: an online education portal offering thousands of video courses, including website development and coding languages. FREE through NYU.
  • MDN (Mozilla Developer Network): Tutorial for learning CSS. FREE
  • Processing.org: video tutorials for processing languages, from such leaders in the field as Daniel Shiffman, professor at NYU. FREE
  • Programming Design Systems: a digital book that teaches a practical introduction to the new foundations of graphic design. By Rune Madsen. FREE
  • The Coding Train: NYU ITP Professor Daniel Shiffman offers creative coding video tutorials on his YouTube channel. FREE
  • Udemy: a marketplace for online learning, with courses in various subjects. Prices vary, some are free.