Digital Communications

CMS Content Accessibility Best Practices

As a CMS author, you’re responsible for meeting accessibility requirements when creating and publishing text, images, and multimedia content on When you create accessible content, you create a positive user experience for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Creating Accessible Content


  • Add synchronized captions for videos with spoken word
  • Provide audio descriptions to describe visual content not conveyed in the audio track
  • Provide a text transcript that includes all relevant visual and auditory clues when possible

Rich Text

  • Properly nest all headings in descending order
  • Use descriptive text when sharing links; avoid “click here” or “read more”


  • Provide useful alt text descriptions
  • Avoid using images with text
  • Review your infographics

Accessibility Check List

  • Page Title: Is your page title unique and clear?
  • Page Layout: Is your page content presented in a logical flow and organized using headings?
  • Heading Size: Do headings descend in a logical way, e.g., H2, H3?
  • Link Text: Does your link text describe the destination clearly?
  • Images: Do all images have alt text (including a space to mark a decorative image ‘null’)?
  • Infographics: Is there a full text explanation for infographics?
  • Color: Does your graphic content convey its message without relying on color?
  • Videos: Do you have captions or transcripts for spoken word and audio descriptions for information provided visually?

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What We’re Watching: How the NYU Meyers uses technology to enhance education

We love seeing how departments, schools, and students at NYU are using technology in innovative ways. TorchTech, NYU’s cross-campus community of information technology professionals, recently began a video documentary series highlighting just how creative we can be.

In their first episode of Technology at NYU, they visit Rory Meyers College of Nursing to discover how the school is using robotics in the classroom to better prepare students for real-world nursing jobs. Faculty, staff, and students talk about how technology is creating new ways to teach, learn, and innovate in their state-of-the-art nursing simulation center.

Look for future episodes on the TorchTech site.

What We’re Watching: Designer Michael Bierut shares his experience working on a project for NYC schools at TEDNYC

In this TEDNYC talk, graphic designer and partner in the New York office of Pentagram Michael Bierut shares his experience on a special project to overhaul the design and architecture of libraries throughout New York City. From failed logo concepts to a random idea, Bierut takes us on a humorous  and inspirational journey that highlights the impact of good design.

Get to Know DigiComm: Meet Debbi

What’s your name?

  • Debbi Litt

What’s your official job title?

  • Digital Communications Specialist

What kind of projects do you work on?

  • I develop and distribute communications to the NYU community, as well as assist with awareness campaigns surrounding University initiatives and services provided by DigiComm. I also monitor analytics for
Debbi Litt

What did you do before working with DigiComm?

  • I’ve done a lot of work across the creative spectrum, from writing to graphic design. My longest role was Director of Creative Services at a nonprofit tech organization in Atlanta.

Tell us about your favorite DigiComm service.

  • I love our CMS! Having worked with a few platforms before, the drag and drop features of Adobe Experience Manager makes it easier for our users to develop strong and dynamic pages.

Tell us about your favorite piece of technology.

  • My iPhone. When the iPhone first came out, I was rocking a Nokia brick and didn’t have text messaging. Now I wonder how I used to survive without a phone-camera-book-GPS-internet-machine in my pocket.

Tell us about your favorite browser extension.

  • Tag Assistant by Google. It’s helpful to see what scripts and tags are running on your page and makes debugging tags less complicated. Plus, I like that it smiles at me 🙂

What’s your favorite 90s jam?

What book, TV show, movie, podcast, etc are you obsessed with right now?

  • Fuller House… Season 3… it’s pretty awful, but I am compelled by the ghost of Michelle Tanner to watch it.

Who would win a fight between Superman and Batman?

  • Batman – he could probably afford to build a kryptonite bat-gadget. GAME OVER, SUPERMAN!

Learn the CMS: Get training, now with video tutorials

To support the different learning styles of administrators using NYU’s central web content management system (CMS) we offer online tutorials, classroom training, and hands-on learning.

…and now video tutorials for our different components.

All available video tutorials will be posted online through our YouTube channel and shared on the appropriate component tutorial page. We’ll also occasionally post CMS training videos on our Twitter account @NYUDigiComm along with other helpful tips every #CMSTip Tuesday.