Learning to live with diabetes together!

Dr. Gail D’Eramo Melkus is doing new study for persons with Type 2 Diabetes. Volunteers with Type 2 Diabetes are needed to help us learn if a diabetes education program on the Internet is of benefit. We will test if it is as good to provide diabetes education in a virtual environment on the computer, as it is to provide diabetes education on the internet. We will also find out if it helps to people to learn and take care of their diabetes, which might improve blood sugar control.
Participants will be randomly assigned to either diabetes education LIVE Internet group or a Web Internet group for 12 months. This study has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and approved by the New York University Institutional Review Board.

How do I take part in this study?


Please call us 212-992-9403 or email us at livestudy@nyu.edu if you are interested in learning more about the study. OR you can give your name and telephone number, OR email on the form provided below. A study team member will contact.


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