Isabel Holguera
Post-Doctoral Fellow

(212) 992-9523





2015. Autonomous University of Madrid. PhD.


Understanding the molecular mechanisms by which the extensive diversity of neuronal types in the brain assembles to form functional circuits is a central question in neurobiology. Desplan laboratory has uncovered both spatial and temporal mechanisms acting on neuronal progenitors to give rise to the diverse pool of Drosophila optic lobe neurons. Moreover, the highly stereotyped repetitive columnar and layered organization of Drosophila optic lobe neuropils allows a precise study of circuit wiring. The medulla is the most complex optic lobe neuropil, composed of about 100 different neuronal types, and its circuitry is particularly well understood. My goal is to study how neuronal specification is correlated with circuit formation in the medulla and what are the molecular determinants involved in this fundamental process.