You can find my full CV here. (Updated April 2018).

Duncan, Daniel. Accepted. ‘Residential segregation and ethnolinguistic variation’. Sociolinguistic Studies. [Review article].
Duncan, Daniel. 2018. ‘Understanding St. Louis’ love for hoosier‘. Names: A Journal of Onomastics 66(1): 14-24. DOI: 10.1080/00277738.2017.1344460. [paper]. My talk based on this given at 2017 American Name Society meeting won the ANS Emerging Scholar Award.
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Conference Proceedings:
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Invited Talks:
Duncan, Daniel. 2017. Spell-Out as the locus of syntactic variation. Talk given at NYU Syntax Brown Bag, 10/27/2017. [handout]
Duncan, Daniel. 2015. Ish: Rapid grammaticalization in apparent time. Talk given at NYU Syntax Brown Bag, 2/27/2015. [handout]

Selected and Upcoming Presentations:
Duncan, Daniel. 2018. Grammars compete late: Evidence from embedded passives. Paper presented at PLC 42, University of Pennsylvania. [slides]
Robinson, Mary, and Daniel Duncan. 2018. Holistic approaches to syntactic variation: Wh-all questions in English. Paper to be presented at PLC 42, University of Pennsylvania. [slides]
Duncan, Daniel. 2018. Changing language and identity during suburbanization. Paper presented at LSA 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah. Abstract won first place, LSA Student Abstract Award. [slides]
Duncan, Daniel, and Janine Duncan. 2018. All in the family: Finding opportunities for collaboration close to home. Poster presented at LSA 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah. [Organized session: Collaboration with other disciplines]. [poster]
Duncan, Daniel. 2018. Stigmatization-driven chain shift in St. Louis. Paper presented at ADS 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah. [slides]
Duncan, Daniel, 2017. “I’m Catholic and she’s public”: Education and the Northern Cities Shift in St. Louis. Poster presented at NWAV 46, University of Wisconsin-Madison. [poster]
Duncan, Daniel, 2017. Identity, archetype, and language in an American metropolitan area. Paper to be presented at Urban Space Research Network Symposium 2017, University of Heidelberg. [slides]
Robinson, Mary, and Daniel Duncan. 2017. Who all can say who all in American English? BICLCE-7, University of Vigo, Spain.
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Bahri, Soubeika, Marie-Eve Bouchard, Daniel Duncan, and Natalie Povilonis de Vilchez. 2015. Perceptions of raised BOUGHT and TH-stopping: Varying indexicalities of New York City English features. Paper presented at NWAV 44, University of Toronto.
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Duncan, Daniel. 2013. When it comes to Kosovo, are Serbs all speaking the same language? Paper presented at Notre Dame Student Peace Conference. [paper]

A Sociophonetic Analysis of Country Music, submitted to fulfill requirements of Linguistics Honors Major, BA
Language Policies as Structural Violence in the Former Yugoslavia, submitted to fulfill requirements of East European Peace Studies Special Major, BA