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Some additional thoughts on week one

I thought I would use what we learned last course  – curating and organizing resources – to organize this blog and my thoughts around instructional design. Categories reflect the different tasks we were asked to select this week, and tags so far are those I have chosen to focus on. Since there already seems to be a significant amount of overlap among learning theories, I’m sure this tag system will grow and evolve over time.

The two instructional design communities I joined are Educause, which I already am familiar with, and trust as a resource, and the Shift eLearning blog, which I am not. I have happened upon several Shift articles and blog posts while doing early searches on ID theories, so I’m hoping it will be a valuable CoP.

I’m really enjoying the concept map exercise this week, although perusing others’ work and previous examples has me worried that I should be focusing more on applications of the learning theories. Since we revise work often in these courses, I hope I will have the opportunity to add that layer in the coming weeks.

concept map of learning theories

Concept map of learning theories, based on Ertmer and Newby, “Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism: Comparing Critical Features from an Instructional Design Perspective.”

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