By the end of this course, students will be able to

(1)       identify elements of digital curation as creative and intellectual enabling; adding value and argument to content;

(2)       demonstrate a self-awareness of their own forms of curation, including social media;

(3)       articulate some of the challenges and benefits of open data and the Creative Commons movement, their global ethics and inequities;

(4)       convey basic principles of data literacy (2018);

(5)       articulate how design decisions are important to building interpretative exhibits of digital content (2018);

(6)       demonstrate some of the ways that they are “on the way to computational thinking” (Berry/Fagerjord);

(7)       employ both web hosting and Wikito build digital content;

(8)       write a regular, online research blog;

(9)       explain how they use digitized primary source material to build a collective digital exhibit (2018);

(10)     curate an individual exhibit based on open cultural content of the student’s choice.