Here are some other digital humanities courses and workshops that I am teaching, or that I have taught in the past.

IM-UH 1111X-001 (formerly AHC AD 139) (NYU Abu Dhabi) Introduction to Digital Humanities – basic course, content alternates by year (corpora, markup, mapping, networks and 3d).

AHC AD 141 (NYU Abu Dhabi) Spatial Humanities – spatial data visualization, historical maps and 3d content with a regional, Arab world focus.

CDAD UH-1024Q (NYU Abu Dhabi) Reading Like a Computer – explores history of computer-assisted reading as well as coding for “distant reading”

CDAD UH-1033Q (NYU Abu Dhabi) Data and Human Space – explores historical cartography and contemporary cultural mapping

(European Summer University of Digital Humanities)  From Text to Map: Modeling Historical Humanities Data in Mapping Environments – digital mapping and coding related to spatial data.

(European Summer University of Digital Humanities) Humanities Data and Mapping Environments

(NYU Paris workshop) “Exploring the Geographic Information of Literature and Art History” / “Cartographie numérique en littérature et en histoire de l’art.