Lee Douglas


(Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology)

Lee Douglas is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid where she is conducting fieldwork with communities and experts participating in the exhumation and analysis of Spain’s Civil War mass graves. Trained as a visual anthropologist, photographer, and filmmaker, her dissertation research examines the intersection of forensic and documentary practices in the production of post-Franco Spain historical narratives.┬áIn addition to her current research, Douglas has conducted extensive research on issues of memory, visuality, and the production of meaning in post-dictatorship Argentina and Chile. In 2012, Douglas co-curated the exhibition Artless Photographs at the Cincinnati Photography Biennial FotoFocus with anthropologist Stephanie Sadre-Orafai. Showcasing a diverse group of photographic images and practices, the exhibit sought to juxtapose the placelessness of photographs alongside their embedded institutional ecologies in order to demonstrate how alternative historical narratives can be produced through the most mundane of imagery. She has also worked for the Magnum Foundation in New York and is an editorial assistant for Anthropology Now.

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