Students enrolled in the PhD. programs in Anthropology or Comparative Literature, or the M.A/Ph.D program in Cinema Studies at NYU may take courses in the Program in Culture & Media.  To complete the Certificate Program, they must:

(1) take the curriculum outlined below;
(2) design and complete a project in ethnographic film or video in the form of either a production or original research; and
(3) complete their M.A. in Anthropology or Cinema Studies. Students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. can integrate the Certificate Program into their studies for the advanced degree in consultation with their Dissertation Committee. Students with prior training in media may be able to substitute other courses from the extensive curriculum offered in Cinema Studies, Anthropology, or media production – including other forms such as photography and new media.

Students should contact Courses [1] & [2] below can count toward their M.A., and courses [3] & [4] can count toward their PhD.

Students should contact Toby Lee at

All students are required to take the following courses:

[1] ANTH GA 1215 / CINE GT 1402
Culture and Media I: History and Theory of Ethnographic Documentary (Ganti/Ginsburg) 4 PTS

[2] ANTH GA 1216 / CINE GT 1403
Culture and Media II: Ethnography of Media (Ginsburg/Ganti) 4 PTS

[3] CINE GT 2002
Cultural Theory and the Documentary (Toby Lee) 4 PTS

[4] Recommended course or approved elective in opposite dept

[5]/[6] CINE GT 1998 & H56.0080
Sight and Sound Documentary (Williams) 6 PTS
(Summer documentary production; mid-May to late June; 6pts.)

[7]/[8] ANTH GA 1218-19 & ANTH GA 1218-19
Video Production Seminar (Stout/Furjanic/Vail) 8 PTS
(Prerequisite: Sight and Sound Documentary or equivalent)