Graduate Certificate Program in Culture and Media

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The Departments of Anthropology, Cinema Studies, and Comparative Literature offer a specialized course of study leading to a New York State Certificate in Culture and Media for NYU graduate students who are also pursuing their PhD degrees in Anthropology or Cinema Studies.

The program’s philosophy takes a broad approach to the relationships between culture and media in a number of domains including: ethnographic film’s significance for the fields of anthropology and cinema/media studies; problems in representation of cultures through media; the development of media in indigenous, Diaspora, and non-Western communities; the emerging social and cultural formations shaped by new media practices; the political economy shaping the production, distribution and consumption of media worldwide; and the impact of new media technologies on these processes.

This graduate program provides a focused course of studies integrating production with theory and research. Training in this program will enable students to pursue the following:

  • Production work in state-of-the-art digital video based on their own research, resulting in a 20-30 minute documentary. Student works have shown in festivals worldwide, won multiple awards, and are in distribution. For a list of recent student documentaries click here.
  • Ethnographic research into the social practice of media in a range of communities and cultures. Students from the program have done PhD research on the development of media in diverse settings, from the emergence of film and TV in Papua New Guinea, to circulation of religious media in Northern Nigeria.
  • Teaching the history, theory, and production of ethnographic documentary and related issues.
  • A career in media requiring an understanding of anthropology, such as specialized programming and distribution of ethnographic film and video, community-based documentary production, management of ethnographic film/video libraries and archives, or work in new media.