About CTS

The Critical Tourism Studies conference series was launched in 2005 by Irena Atlejevic (Institute for Tourism Zagreb), Candice Harris (AUT), Nigel Morgan (University of Surrey) and Annette Pritchard (Cardiff Metropolitan University).

Over the past five conferences, CTS has profiled itself as a network of scholars who share a vision of producing and promoting social change in and through tourism practice, research and education. It has done this so far by seeking to legitimise the critical school of thought in tourism studies and by providing an inclusive environment for new and alternative voices in the academy. Adopting a broad definition of ‘criticality’, CTS seeks to find ‘fresh’ ways of theorising tourism by locating the phenomenon in its wider political, economic, cultural and social contexts.

A key component of the CTS conferences is the extensive link of the event with the host destinations. CTS aims to maximize the benefits of he conference by

  • Working exclusively with locally-owned businesses
  • Sourcing as many materials as possible in the destination
  • Supporting local charities and NGOs by making them active partners in the event’s operations
  • Donating any profits to local charities
  • Providing work experience opportunities to local students
  • Offering preferential rates to delegates from the region



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