A number of bone objects recovered from the site appear to have served as weaving tools, such as this probable weaving comb and these eyed needles. (Credit: Doug Campana)

Tepecik-Çiftlik is a Pre-Pottery Neolithic (>7600 cal BCE), Pottery Neolithic, and Early Chalcolithic (6100-5800 cal BCE) site in Cappadodia, Turkey. The site is located in the Melendiz Valley in the Niğde region of southern Cappadocia. Excavations at the site began in 2001, and they have been under the dirction of Professor Erhan Biçakçi of Istanbul University since 2006. Pam Crabtree joined the project as a zooarchaeologist in 2014, and her research has initially focused on the Chalcolithic faunal remains recovered in the 2013 and 2015 excavation seasons. 

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