Experimental Replication of Paleolithic Ornament.   (Photo: Helene White)

Contact Information

Director:  Dr. Randall White

Email:  randall.white@nyu.edu

Phone:  212-998- 8571




The Palaeolithic Archaeology Lab facilitates research on various archaeological topics, with a particular emphasis on Upper Palaeolithic symbolic technologies. Current doctoral and post-doctoral research affiliated with the lab includes developing new methods of cementochronological analysis to ascertain site seasonality, a technological analysis of personal ornaments from across Late Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic Europe, a stable isotopes analysis of the sourcing of Palaeolithic perforated teeth, and a mineralogical study of prehistoric colorants. The lab itself is equipped with several optical and polarized light microscopes, and a dedicated ‘dirty lab’, where experimental replication of flint-knapping, bead-making, and other archaeological techniques is encouraged. The Kaminuriak reference collection of teeth from nearly 800 caribou individuals of known date and place of death is housed within the lab facilty.


(Credit: CemenTAA Project)

Research Projects

Vallon de Castel-Merle, Dordogne, France (Dr. Randall White)

Abri Cellier, Dordogne, France (Dr. Randall White)

Sous-le-Roc, France (Dr. Randall White)

CemenTAA Project (Dr. Randall White, William Rendu, Stephan Naji)

History of Archaeology: the Otto Hauser Affair (Dr. Randall White)


Equipment and Resources

  • optical light microscopes
  • polarized light microscopes
  • Kaminuriak reference collection
  • experimental archaeology lab



Lab Members