Pottery sherds with seal impressions from Lahoma Lal Tibba.
(Credit: Rita P. Wright)

Contact Information

Director:  Dr. Rita Wright

Email:  rita.wright@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-998- 8568





The Ceramics Laboratory supports projects in ceramic analysis, and in particular, those projects with a focus in South Asia and the Near East.  The lab is equipped to analyze ceramics on both the macroscopic and microscopic level, as well as preparing samples for additional chemical and microscopic analysis.  In addition to an extensive reference library an extensive ceramic study collection, the lab also has the equipment for experimental projects in pottery analysis.  Current projects include the petrographic analysis of Harappan sherds, the production and exchange of Bronze Age ceramics in Oman, as well as macro- and micro-botanical analyses of Bronze Age plant flora from Oman.  Students in the lab also work closely with other departments at NYU and throughout New York City on more specialized studies such as SEM or XRF analyses.  The lab contains a workstation with ArcGIS and ArcPad for distribution and settlement pattern studies. Laboratory equipment is listed below.



Incised greyware sherds from a Bronze Age settlement at ‘Amlah, Oman
(Photo: Eli Dollarhide)


Beas Landscape and Settlement Survey Project (Dr. Rita Wright)

Case Studies in Early Societies Book Series (Dr. Rita Wright)

Mapping Magan Archaeological Project (Eli Dollarhide)

Archaeobotanical, Geospatial, and Ethnoarchaeological Investigations of Bronze Age Oasis Agriculture in Oman (Smiti Nathan)

Petrographic Investigations of Harappan Ceramics (Sneh Patel)



Equipment and Resources

  • low-speed saws with diamond blade
  • small kiln for refiring experiments
  • potter’s wheel
  • polarizing light microscopes (3)
  • dino-lite
  • ceramic study collection
  • ceramic illustration tools
  • ceramic reference library
  • light microscope
  • scales
  • ArcGIS and ArcPad
  • drawing materials and tools for hand examination
  • neutron activation analysis sample preparation tools
  • macroscopic and microscopic ceramic analysis tools
  • Archaeological Collections Project





Lab Members