(Credit: Rita Wright)

This series, published through Cambridge University Press, provides scholars with an accessible, in-depth overview of the analysis and interpretation of specific early societies through the archaeological record.  While each book focuses on a specific society and situates it within its unique historical development, the volumes are unified by their focus on fundamental issues in the development of early societies.  Each book is authored by a specialist currently engaged in field research, while the series is edited by its founder Dr. Rita Wright.  So far, 14 volumes have been published:  Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Oaxaca, Ancient Maya, Ancient Inca, Ancient Jomon of Japan, Ancient Puebloan Southwest, The Colonial Caribbean, Ancient Cahokia and the Mississippians, Ancient Middle Niger, Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Ancient Tiwanaku, The Ancient Indus, Ancient Central China, and Ancient Teotihuacan. There are seven books in preparation: Medieval Britain, Ancient Greece, Ancient Inner Asia, Ancient Mongolia, Greater Angkor, Archaeology of the Levant, and Ancient Southeastern Mesoamerica.

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