CSHO Ph.D. student Sneh Patel

Ph.D. in Archaeological Anthropology

NYU Department of Anthropology

Email:  sp1700@nyu.edu

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Research Interests

  • urbanism
  • complex societies
  • Indus
  • Harappa


Current Research

My work looks at emerging urban societies in western India during the rise of the Indus Civilization. Primarily I use microscopic analytical methods to reconstruct ancient ceramic production techniques in order to gauge how changing regional economic and social dynamics effected local ceramic production.


Selected Presentations

[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

Patel, S.  The Bazaar Economy of the Indus. 81st Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeologists, Orlando, FL, April 6-10, 2016.

Patel, S. & Krishnan, N. Microstructural Analysis of the ‘Glazed’ Reserve Slip Ware from Gujarat, Co. Kutch. 43rd Annual Conference on South Asia, October 17, 2014.

Patel, S. Putting Together the Pieces: Working with Archival Data. Chennai, India, March 2013.

Patel, S. Black slip Jars of Harappa–comparative analysis of Indus trading vessels to other examples of storage jars. Workshop on Eurasian Archaeology, New York, NY, April 30, 2001.


Updated on May 24, 2016