CSHO Ph.D. student Eli DollarhidePh.D. in Archaeological Anthropology

NYU Department of Anthropology

Email:  end233@nyu.edu

curriculum vitae





Research Interests

  • ancient Near East and Arabian Peninsula
  • Chalcolithic-Bronze Age transition
  • complex societies
  • urbanism
  • social network analysis
  • cultural heritage
  • ceramics
  • GIS


Current Research

My research focuses on mapping economic and political landscapes across settlements in Bronze Age Oman (ancient Magan, third millennium BC) utilizing both geospatial techniques and ceramic analysis. Since 2013, I’ve conducted fieldwork at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bat, Oman and its surrounding area.

My master’s project investigated the iconography and distribution of a particular ceramic type, known as incised greywares, via the assemblage from ‘Amlah, Oman. My dissertation looks to build a model of networked interaction between Bat and smaller surrounding settlements. The survey component of this project has been generously funded by a Young Explorer’s Grant from the National Geographic Society and the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia.

Outside of Oman, I have participated in archaeological research projects in Virginia, UK, Azerbaijan, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Following work experience as a park ranger, I maintain an active interest in the production and consumption of cultural heritage at museums, historic sites, and public archaeology projects.



[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

Swerida, J., Falcone, J., & Dollarhide, E.  2015. Pottery Analysis. Archaeological Water Histories of Oman (ArWHO) Field Report, Omani Ministry of Heritage and Culture.


Selected Presentations

Dollarhide, E.  Exploring the archaeology of ancient Arabia. Community program at Helen Matthes Library, Effingham, IL, June 9, 2016.

Dollarhide, E.  Bronze Age Interactions and Greyware Ceramics from the vantage of Bronze Age ‘Amlah, Oman.  Society for American Archaeology, Orlando, FL, April 6-10, 2016.

Dollarhide, E.  Impressions of the earliest urban landscape: Interpreting the incised greyware ceramics of third millennium BC Oman. Cityscapes Seminar Series, Anthropology Department, Columbia University, NY, 2015.

Dollarhide, E.  Turnerian Social Drama and Nationalist Sentiments: An anthropological approach to Colonial Williamsburg’s Revolutionary City. 2013 Honors Colloquium. Roy R. Charles Center, College of William & Mary, VA, 2013.


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