CSHO Ph.D. student Paulo ChavesPh.D. Biological Anthropology

NYU Department of Anthropology

Email: ard329@nyu.edu

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Research Interests

  • sexual selection
  • cognitive evolution
  • comparative neuroanatomy


Current Research

I am interested in how sexual selection has shaped primate cognitive evolution. Sex differences in behavior and cognitive abilities have been demonstrated in humans and non-human primates, but the specific biological underpinnings of such differences remain unknown. I plan to illuminate such mechanisms by investigating patterns of sexual dimorphism in volume, microstructure, and gene expression across various functional brain regions.



[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

DeCasien, A., Higham, J. P., Williams, S. A. 2016. Hard-tissue markers of face flanges in male Pongo [abstract]. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 159(S62): 128.

Selected Presentations

DeCasien, A.  Hard-tissue markers of face flanges in male Pongo [poster].  American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Atlanta, GA, April 13-16, 2016.                                                      

DeCasien, A.  Revisiting the Ecological vs. Social Determinants of Primate Brain Size.  New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology (NYCEP), 2016.




Updated on May 24, 2016