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Starting in 2006, The Center for Religion and Media’s co-director Angela Zito joined forces with Zhang Zhen in Cinema Studies at NYU to produce the Reel China @NYU Documentary Biennial. It showcases documentary work by filmmakers who work outside China’s state-sponsored film system, with a special interest in the ethical activism enabled through such filmmaking.

Still image from "The Piano Factory" by Zhang Meng
Still image from “The Piano Factory” by Zhang Meng

Reel China 2016 will be held on October 28-30.

Reel China 2016 once again samples outstanding contemporary Chinese independent documentaries, while also showcasing a few innovative narrative and experimental films, using different kinds of media or technology, by emerging filmmakers in China, Hong Kong, and the diaspora.  Participating filmmakers range from more experienced documentarians to young novices.  As their disparate visions and voices extend and overlap, we witness the persistent presence of independent cameras that assures the discovery and creative engagement of disorienting contemporary social and psychic fragments becoming history at breakneck speed.

Co-curated by ZHANG Zhen (Cinema Studies, NYU) and Angela Zito (Anthropology, Religious Studies, NYU).

Reel China is presented by The Asian Film & Media Initiative, The Department of Cinema Studies, and the Center for Religion & Media.


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Featured image: still from, The Piano in a Factory