Reality Plus: An Interview with NYU Tandon Mobile AR Lab’s Mark Skwarek

Augmented Reality is set to become one of the largest new industries of the 21st century. The Mobile Augmented Reality Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering introduces students to working with AR in a myriad of ways. More →

Augmented Reality Links Real and Virtual Worlds

Imagine watching a televised football game and seeing the first down line marking the field. This virtual object that appears on the playing surface is, in fact, augmented reality in action. More →

What You Should Know About Second Life

Winky Dink and You was an interesting experiment along the road to today’s highly elaborate and sophisticated electronic interactive games and multi-user virtual environments or worlds. The latest incarnation is an increasingly popular “virtual world” software application called Second Life that would astonish the creators of Winky Dink. More →