FireWire, Media Convergence, and your Future Home Network

FireWire, a computer interface standard poised to replace SCSI, has shown explosive growth in the past year. Videophiles are familiar with it as an easy-to-use digital interface used by DV camcorders and decks. Others may be more familiar with Sony’s i-Link trademark, or by the technical specification IEEE 1394. More →

Using Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview in AIDS Risk Research

Interviews, questionnaire surveys, and focus groups have been important methods of gaining understanding about behaviors that increase the risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and about ways to promote change. Using Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) software, people with lower literacy are able to participate in such interviews, since the entire interview and instructions are heard instead of read. The research participant listens to digitally recorded question items over a headset, and if desired, can simultaneously read the questions on the computer screen. The participant responds by pressing a number key. More →

ITS Receives $1 Million Gift from Sun Microsystems

Faced with increasing demands on the infrastructure supporting its shared services environment, NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) is happy to announce a gift from Sun Microsystems worth over $1 million. The equipment will be used to replace aging machines that currently provide central e-mail and web services for the University. More →