Learn to Spot a Phony

Phone scams are a type of social engineering scam, which seek to dupe often busy recipients into disclosing sensitive information or providing seemingly harmless responses to questions. This article reviews some of the common phone scams and provides recommendations and best practices. More →

Safe Travels: Mobile Device and Data Security on the Road

Checklists are often useful when planning for a trip. They can keep you from finding yourself at the airport counter without your passport or at a hotel with an incompatible cell phone charger. But while travelers are mostly worried about what physically goes into their luggage and carry-ons, most don’t give the proper attention to preparing their electronic devices for travel. More →

Smart Phone Security

By roughly 2013, there will be more smart phones in people’s hands than personal computers at home, a testament to their ever-increasing utility in today’s fast-paced, always-connected world. Each of the popular smartphone platforms—iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry—offers a unique software repository whereby users can download and install applications to make greater use of the phone’s capabilities. More →