Teaching in a Networked Age

In his keynote address at NYU’s recent Teaching with Technology Conference, Clay Shirky explored the massive potential for digital tools to fundamentally change not only teaching, but academia at large. His talk was simultaneously a call to action—empowering instructors to experiment with the increasing “palette of the possible” these technologies engender—and a reminder that although they can be exceedingly helpful in connecting people, these tools are not a replacement for the face-to-face interactions at the core of our institution. More →

Innovation & Inspiration at NYU’s 2012 Teaching with Technology Conference

NYU’s recent 2012 Teaching with Technology Conference showcased presentations on an impressive array of instructional and research projects, advanced the ongoing conversation about effective ways to enhance teaching using technology, and facilitated conversations and collaborations between many of the more than 300 faculty, graduate students, and staff in attendance. More →