Bringing Arabic Books to the Digital World

One of the most exciting digital developments in the world of scholarship and research is the ability to scan and archive texts and make them available online. The NYU Libraries currently host thousands upon thousands of e-books, millions of full-text articles, and access to thousands of e-journal publications. Recently, a group of researchers at NYU and other universities added their own efforts to the pool of knowledge by making some 10,000 titles available—all online, and all in Arabic. More →

A.nnotate and Pliny

This article is the first in a series that looks at digital tools that have been designed to facilitate scholarship by helping us navigate, study, organize, derive meaning from and share the massive and ever-increasing amount of digital content — primary and secondary source materials — that is distributed via the Internet, bringing together digital content with non-digital content through the process of digitization. More →

The Archivists’ Toolkit

One of the primary responsibilities of an archivist is to hold on to “stuff” (papers, photos, tapes, statues, etc.) and be able to find it when asked. Most archivists deal with quite a bit of “stuff” that is arranged into collections, and the ability to find items in those collections relies on two things: organization and description. More →

Real Research with Virtual Text

Are you looking for a poem by a certain African-American poet from the late 18th century? Do you need to search all of Nietzsche’s works for references to the concepts of “truth”‘ “morality” and “God”? Do you want to quickly skim all of Shakespeare’s plays for quotes on “melancholy”? More →