Exploring the Silicon City

From Morse to microcomputing, for much of the 20th century, New York City, its businesses, and its universities were home to the birth and development of computing and information technology, until shifting focus and economics moved the industry from Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley. Even then, New York remained a key player in the shaping of the digital world. An exhibit currently running at the New York Historical Society, Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York, looks at the rich history of computing in New York City, including the key role played by New York University as home to one of the world’s first supercomputers. More →

My 2nd Computer Was a UNIVAC I

The first time I came to New York University, it was to program an IBM 704 computer. It was during the fall of 1958, and the 704 was installed in what is now Meyer Hall behind the translucent glass blocks on the 2nd floor. The computer belonged to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), now known as the Department of Energy, and was installed at NYU for use by the Courant Institute. More →