Creativity at the LaGuardia Co-op

The Laguardia Co-op is the flagship location of NYU’s three Student Technology Centers, located at the heart of the Washington Square campus. The Co-op facility is an experimental take on a traditional computer lab experience. With the tagline “Connect & Create,” students from different schools across NYU can use the Co-op collaborate as a group or work individually. More →

Upgrading Technology & Infrastructure at NYU Paris

Sometimes a small change can have a large impact. When it comes to life at NYU’s global academic centers and campuses, a simple IT upgrade can revolutionize everything from professors’ teaching styles and students’ learning abilities, to administrative staff’s workload. More →

Academic Technology Centers & NYUHotSpots

The opening of the Fall 2009 semester brought exciting changes to ITS’ public computer locations. Where formerly there were ITS labs and centers, ITS now provides new Academic Technology Centers and NYUHotSpots (or CoLabs), reflecting an important refocusing of operations and services. More →