Survey Sampling & Software

This article is a brief introduction to survey sampling theory, and a look at two popular statistical packages (SUDAAN and Stata’s “svy”) available at the Data Service Studio that allow researchers to use datasets created by sampling. Survey sampling is a large and complex subject, so to give it some context, this article will begin by highlighting three research projects, their associated datasets, and the research issues that led to their creation. More →

Online Voting at NYU

Organizations and political parties have shown increasing interest in the role of communications networks in the political process in recent years. Advocacy groups such as Register America promote voter registration over the Internet, and U.S. presidential hopeful Ross Perot put forth the concept of an “electronic town hall” in his 1992 campaign. Five states – Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas and Utah – will allow U.S. citizens abroad to cast absentee ballots over the Internet in the 2000 general election. More →