Mobile Apps Foster a New Learning Experience at Stern

For most students, orientation means sitting through hours of presentations and speeches. At NYU Stern’s MBA program, it’s a little bit different. Since 2013, new students participate in the Langone Lab, a two-day experiential program. Students participate in a design-thinking experience where they use cutting-edge mobile technology and applications to come up with actual product prototypes that they present to professors and peers. More →

Augmented Reality Links Real and Virtual Worlds

Imagine watching a televised football game and seeing the first down line marking the field. This virtual object that appears on the playing surface is, in fact, augmented reality in action. More →

NYU Docs/Drive

This summer, NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) added NYU Drive as an enhancement to NYU Docs. Now known as “NYU Docs/Drive,” you can still create and collaborate using this service in the same way you did before. In fact, organizing your documents is even easier and storage has increased to 5GB. More →

NYU Mobile App: Take a Scroll Through NYU

NYU Mobile is the University’s first official mobile app, designed to connect students, faculty, and staff to the information they need from anywhere with cell service. NYU’s Digital Communications Group, which spans University Relations and Public Affairs (URPA) and Information Technology Services (ITS), led the development of the NYU Mobile app, with additional support from Student Affairs. More →