Creativity at the LaGuardia Co-op

The Laguardia Co-op is the flagship location of NYU’s three Student Technology Centers, located at the heart of the Washington Square campus. The Co-op facility is an experimental take on a traditional computer lab experience. With the tagline “Connect & Create,” students from different schools across NYU can use the Co-op collaborate as a group or work individually. More →

Upgrading a Historical Building in Prague

NYU’s global network is made up of academic centers across different cities with very different structures that were built in different years—some even in different centuries. Bringing state-of-the-art technology to these buildings can be a challenging prospect. More →

Upgrading Technology & Infrastructure at NYU Paris

Sometimes a small change can have a large impact. When it comes to life at NYU’s global academic centers and campuses, a simple IT upgrade can revolutionize everything from professors’ teaching styles and students’ learning abilities, to administrative staff’s workload. More →

The Digital Studio: NYU’s Front Door for Technology and Scholarship

The Digital Studio, a collaboration of NYU Libraries and Information Technology Services, is located on the fifth floor of Bobst Library in an area known as the Research Commons. The Digital Studio offers a wide range of services in support of research and instruction, including video and audio capture; production and publication; live audio and video capture; and photo, slide, and text scanning. More →

Renovated IT Service Desk Improves IT Support for NYU Community

While the IT Service Desk on the fourth floor at 10 Astor Place has long served as a convenient drop-in location for NYU community members with technology-related questions, certain limitations existed because of its physical space. Now, after over a year of planning and two months of construction beginning in late November and ending in late January, the newly-renovated IT Service Desk is open for business and better than ever. More →