The ATLAS Network Pilot

In January 2011, NYU launched one of the first pre-release pilots of the revolutionary Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) for academic networking and collaboration in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Initial development on this project was begun by the Liberal Studies Program with a 2008 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant for their Simonides ePortfolio tool. At NYU, Sakai OAE will be known as the ATLAS (Advanced Teaching, Learning, And Scholarship) Network. More →

The New Everyday

The latest project from the MediaCommons network is The New Everyday, launched in September 2010. A website and an experiment in “middle-state publishing,” the New Everyday is a web publication “between a blog and a journal” where “middle state” describes the point between the initial idea and the final published format. NYU Libraries’ Digital Libraries Technology Services (DLTS) designed and developed the New Everyday as well as the current MediaCommons site. More →

Introducing LibX

Recent years have seen a steady increase in the number of online tools intended to facilitate access to and organization of information. Some of these tools are focused on helping researchers manage the rapidly expanding universe of bibliographic and other scholarly data. Libraries—including NYU—have been working hard to simplify the management of research and bibliographic data though software and web-based solutions; this article focuses on LibX, a web browser extension that has proven useful to many NYU scholars. More →

The Summer Colloquium

Each summer, incoming NYU freshmen are typically given a reading assignment to serve as a shared intellectual experience. During Orientation Week, the book serves as a catalyst to stimulate student-faculty conversations under debate, such as multiculturalism, racism, immigration, or environmental ethics, which allows students to explore divergent viewpoints. More →

Research Using the NYU HPC Service

NYU’s high performance computing systems are a vital resource for University research in the sciences and across the disciplinary spectrum. A related article in this issue of Connect provides a description of the NYU High Performance Computing Service (NYU HPC), and a new support wiki that has been designed to make using HPC resources easier. Here is just a sampling of recent research performed using NYU HPC resources. More →