Upgrading Technology & Infrastructure at NYU Paris

New Services, New Facilities

by Madeline Friedman


The exterior of the new NYU Paris

Sometimes a small change can have a large impact. When it comes to life at NYU’s global academic centers and campuses, a simple IT upgrade can revolutionize everything from professors’ teaching styles and students’ learning abilities, to administrative staff’s workload.

That is the case with the NYU Academic Center in Paris, France, which will be moving to a new building with new technical capacities in the city’s Latin Quarter in summer 2014. “It’s going to be night and day in terms of the technical possibilities and capabilities there,” said Janet Alperstein, Senior Director of Academic Support for NYU Global Programs.

Several upgrades to IT services have been performed so that students, faculty, and staff will have a seamless technological experience at the NYU Paris campus and with services in New York. The campus will have NYU-NET wired connectivity as well as NYURoam wireless (including Internet, voice, video, and data), ensuring access is consistently available. The NYU Print Service will also be a new feature that will allow students to print documents from any computer via print stations at the Academic Center. Additionally, the Center will have increased capacity for video conferencing, boasting two dedicated video conferencing classrooms with an extensive collection of state-of-the-art equipment.

“Now, it’ll be as if we are already on the New York server. It will make accessing certain applications easier and faster,” said Ivy Vo, Housing and Student Life Assistant for NYU Paris.

Updating the IT infrastructure at NYU’s locations across the globe often requires creative problem-solving skills for unique challenges that arise in different regions. Global Service Delivery Manager Brian Schiesser mentioned that upgrading services and wiring in old buildings can be a challenge in cities like Paris. “One problem we had [in the new Paris Academic Center] was that one side of the flooring was weaker than the other side, because they were built in different centuries.”

Despite these challenges, many people appreciated the old Center’s charms. “The building had mouldings. The floors creaked. It felt old world,” said Schiesser. “The new building is Art Deco. It’s in an amazing location. The top floor has 360-degree views of the city. Both locations are very different spaces, but both are great and come with their own benefits.”