NYU ServiceLink: Improving Customer Service Across the University

Self-Service Made Simple

servicelink_01NYU ServiceLink, a new University-wide resource focused on improving how the University provides improved customer service, began rolling out to the NYU community on November 15. The first phase of this initiative included adoption of a new service request/case management system by service centers and help desks supporting IT in Abu Dhabi and in New York (both general and Stern-specific); Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits; and financial reporting inquiries as part of the University Data Warehouse’s new Decision Support Group.

You may have already noticed that e-mail messages from the IT Service Desk, Stern Help Desk, and the Abu Dhabi IT Help Desk now come from ServiceLink@nyu.edu. These messages offer improved subject lines and content to make it easier to see what issue the e-mail relates to, and from what organization the message was sent. At the help desks using it, NYU ServiceLink is already helping to improve response time, processes, and customer service for the entire community. The system also provides enhanced data and reporting features to help NYU teams improve the ways in which services are delivered.

The second phase of NYU ServiceLink is designed to make it simple to request services and assistance through a centralized website. Available to the NYU community in December 2012, this new self-service site will allow staff, faculty, and students to request and receive assistance in a timely, consistent, and accurate manner. Requests will be routed to the appropriate service organization and managed using the new tool—improving how requests are monitored, shared across administrative units, and, most importantly, resolved. After the NYU ServiceLink self-service website goes live, the community will still be able to request help from NYU service centers and help desks by phone and e-mail as well. Regardless of how the request is generated, the information available to each community member about the status of their request will be more complete, accurate, and readily available.

The new site will also provide access to a rich self-help knowledgebase and replace a number of paper forms with online forms, further improving access to information, assistance, and services. It will also serve as a convenient resource whenever it’s not clear who to call or where to go for help. Using a Google-like interface, community members will be able to search for services (e.g., “I need to print” or “adding a dependent”) and report issues, find information, and make requests related to a range administrative functions at NYU (e.g., HR, Payroll, IT, Finance). The status of each person’s open requests will then be trackable on the NYU ServiceLink website as NYU staff work to fulfill them.

Future Plans

We’re excited to report that many more NYU administrative services have expressed interest in getting involved in ServiceLink, and we’re already gearing up for the next phases of the project. To learn more and stay up to date on progress, please visit www.nyu.edu/servicelink-project. If you are a service provider who is interested in leveraging this new service for your staff or team, please send a note to servicelink.team@nyu.edu, and the ServiceLink team will be happy to set up a meeting with you.

We hope you will enjoy this new resource and the improved customer service experience it enables, and look forward to hearing your feedback once the NYU ServiceLink self-service website launches in December. Please stay tuned to www.nyu.edu/servicelink-project and other NYU news sources for additional information, coming soon.