4:30-4:45 pm: Shorts Program


El Cóndor Pasa by Linaje Originarios (Embera, Colombia)
We write every day. What inspires us? Our indigenous roots, our ancestors, the environment, and peace..in the beautiful things that we see here.

Abinodjic Madjinakini (L’Amendement) by Kevin Papatie (Anishnabe)
Four generations. Three boarding schools. Two cultures. An extinction.

El Rey Kong Oy/The Origin of the Tule Tree by Hola Combo (Mixe, Mexico)
The Mixes say that many years ago, a very strong child was born from an egg and became their protector. He now rests in the hills of the twenty peaks and we know that he is with us while the tree of the Tule remains alive.