Feb. 23 | TAKE MY PICTURES FOR ME | Dirs: Mohammed Al-Azza, Amahl Bishara

TAKE MY PICTURES FOR ME (33 min. Dirs: Mohammed Al-Azza, Amahl Bishara)
Center for Media, Culture and History



Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, Screening Room, 50 Washington Square South

TAKE MY PICTURES FOR ME (33 min., 2016, Dirs: Mohammed Al-Azza & Amahl Bishara)

Amahl and Mohammad are both Palestinian, but Mohammad is a refugee born in the West Bank, while American-born Amahl holds an Israeli passport. At a protest for refugee rights in Israel, Amahl calls Mohammad, who can’t be there due to Israel’s restrictions. He asks her “Why don’t you take pictures for me?” Thus begins an exchange of photos and video on this political reality. Post-screening discussion with Amahl Bishara (Anthropology, Tufts University) and Zachary Lockman (Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, NYU)

Co-sponsors: Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies; Photography & Imaging Department, Tisch School of the Arts