Visiting Scholars


Professor HuANGANG HU

Dr. Angang Hu is one of the pioneers and leading authorities in the field of Contemporary China Studies (中国国情研究).  He is currently a Distinguished University Professor at Tsinghua Univeristy and Dean of the Institute of Contemporary China Studies. He has published widely cited and influential works on economic development, social transition and public policy in China. In addition to his role at Tsinghua, Dr. Hu ;has served on the Advisory Committee for China’s Thirteenth and Twelfth 5-Year Plans under NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), Advisory Committee for the National Disaster Mitigation Council and Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2012, he was elected a member of the 18th CCP National Congress in 2012. Originally trained as an engineering scientist, he received his PhD in engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1988, but soon switched to the field of economics. He did his postdoctoral research in economics at Yale University (1991-1992), and has been awarded advanced research fellowships and/or visiting professorships at MIT (1997), Keio University (2000) Harvard University (2001), World Bank (2004), Columbia University (2005), etc.

Yining Zhao


Yining Zhao is a leading journalist in China, currently serving as the Chief Correspondent for 21st Century Business Herald, one of the most prominent business news outlets in China. Among the wide range of topics she has covered are China’s economic cooperations in Africa, the establishment and operations of AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank), and the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2012, she was named of one of theTop 10 Best Press Women of Guangdong Province by the Association of Journalists and the Association of Women Journalists in Guangdong Province.


Aron Shai is a professor of History and East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University in Israel. He has authored academic books on China’s modern history that have been published in England, the United States, China, and Israel. You can contact Aron at



Past Events: Wednesday, 10.26.2016: China & Israel: Strange Bedfellows

Thursday, 10.20.2016: Le Reve Chinois – China: From Imperial Subjugation to Hubris

Anyi Wang


Anyi Wang is a renowned Chinese novelist and leading figure in modern Chinese literature. She is vice chair of the China Writer’s Association as well as professor of Chinese Literature at Fudan University.


Past Events:

Thursday, 2.11.2016:  Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop Series on Anyi Wang & Chinese Realism

Thursday, 2.25.2016:  Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – From City to Country And Back

Friday, 2.26.2016: A Reading with Wang Anyi

Thursday, 3.10.2016:  Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – The Realist Encounter with Socialist Modernity

Thursday, 3.24.2016: Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – Literary Representation of Urban Space

Thursday, 4.7.2016: Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – Women and Chinese Realism

Thursday, 4.21.2016: Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – The Great Cultural Revolution and Its Literary Representation

Thursday, 5.5.2016: Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – Realism and the Historical Novel

Friday, 5.6.2016: Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism

Thursday, 5.19.2016: Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop on Wang Anyi and Chinese Realism – Chinese Realism in Historical and Global Contexts